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Updates on BCRFC

The Boston College Men’s Rugby Club is extremely excited to begin the Fall 2022 season. For the first time since 2019, the club will hold a pre-season camp prior to the start of the academic year, which will lead straight into the start of the season. This season will include much of the same competition we have faced in years prior such as UMass and UConn and will also feature a playoff bracket for the top teams. The season will conclude with a trip to South Bend to face off against Notre Dame. We ask that if any fans or alumni are able to support that they donate using the link under the donate tab on this site. Go Eagles!


Attention all incoming freshmen potentially interested in BC Rugby, we are having a full Fall 2022 season and urge everyone and anyone to come out for the team. There are no tryouts or cuts, Practice is 2-3 times a week and the rugby club provides a great opportunity to connect with other incoming freshmen as well as upperclassmen who can help guide you through the transition to life at Boston College. Practice starts in the Fall and continues throughout the entire academic year.

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