Head Coach: Rob Conway

Coach Rob began his tenure with BCRFC in September of 2013 as head coach and backs coach. Since then, he has brought the boys to two conference championship games, won two ACRC bowl games in Charlotte, North Carolina, and established a strong sevens team that competes across the country in highly regarded tournaments, such as the ACC sevens tournament as well as the national CRC championship series in Philadelphia every June.

Coach Rob Conway boasts an impressive career in rugby. Rob began his career in Ireland was a player, competing for various college rugby clubs and eventually Ulster Rugby. He was selected for the IRFU National Rugby Academy as well as the Leinster Rugby Club. Unfortunately, Injury cut short Coach Rob’s career. After his injury, Rob continued to fulfill his passion for rugby through coaching. After completing his course of study at University College Dublin (Ireland), Rob began coaching rugby, specializing in strength in conditioning. Rob and his family moved to the Boston area in June of 2013. In Boston, his coaching career began to flourish. He immediately took the position of Head Coach for Boston RFC’s sevens team, as well as back’s coach for the Boston RFC’s 15s side. He assisted with New England ODA and the Northeast Academy for sevens.

Contact Coach Rob at: conwayrc@bc.edu