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Here you will find workouts from Coach Rob which will help you be prepared for the beginning of the season. This is for both incoming and prpsopective players as well as for all returners.


Offseason Fitness

Note from Coach Rob - I have not added tempos, weights or rest times. The tempo (unless specified) should be slow and controlled 4s lower - 1s pause - 4s exertion. Focus on the T.U.T. (Time Under Tension). Slow tempos promote muscular growth. Weights should be heavy; you should barely be able to finish each set. Rests ,I believe, should be as short as possible (no less than 30 secs or you didn’t work hard enough) or as long as needed (no longer than 2 mins or you’re resting too long). If you’re ready to do the next set then go. Any time you see brackets and super set, it means do one set of one exercise then the next exercise with no rest between. Every day, Wide Grip Pull Ups (3x max), Olympic Hanging Clean (4x6) or Snatch (4x6) lifting showed be performed as maintenance work with moderate/low weight unless as prescribed in Day 4. DB = Dumbbell, BB = Barbell, M.S.E. = Multi Sprint Endurance. No multiple mile runs, its counterproductive to our goals. Bicep Curl is not included for good reason.

Offseason Agility

Offseason Lifting

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